Original Russian AKM Crates with dividers

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Original Russian AKM Crate W/ Dividers


Available are some excellent condition original russian AKM crates with the dividers. Perfect for the storage of your rifles or a cool addition to the man cave.


We normally don’t sell these as they are a pain to deal with but we often get asked about them, so here they are! We ship FedEx ground on these. We will state that we don’t take responsibility for damage that occurs during transit. If that is not okay with you, please do not purchase. Shipping charges that are automatically generated will be fairly accurate, but if there is a big discrepancy we will refund or ask for additional shipping as necessary. If you have questions, please ask prior to purchase. Also, there will be no refunds or return on this product, they will be sold AS-IS.


**please email us direct on these as the website auto populates a very high shipping cost. We estimate ground FedEx shipping to be around $80.00.

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