Russian Early Production Izhmash “Back stamp” AK47 Magazine

The earliest Soviet ribbed mag, the “Izhmash Back-Stamped Ribbed Mag”, has the Izhmash factory mark stamped on the bottom-back of the mag like the Russian Slab-Side mag. At first, these mags were blued, but this was eventually changed to a baked-on black enamel finish. Izhmash reportedly switched to a baked-on enamel finish on its AKs shortly before production of the AKM model began in 1959. The followers on these early Izhmash ribbed mags will have a large pill shaped bulge with a hole through its front left side.
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Attention collectors! These are original Russian “back stamp” 30rd 7.62×39 magazines. These are the earliest produced magazines when the soviets switches from the slab side magazines to the steel ribbed versions. The Russian only produced this version of magazines for a short amount of time. These units will remain in new old stock condition! Buyer responsible for knowing and abiding by local laws. 

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  1. Keith Trent (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough about how nice this magazine is. I was very surprised.

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